We use technology and education to give Unreached people access to the Bible.

I grew up reading the Bible in an arcane dialect and caring little about it, but my life changed when I read a translation that sounded like I talked—with no thees, thys or thou arts. My frustration was a shadow of the obstacles that keep billions from knowing the Scriptures.

One week before the dedication of the Gospel of Luke, three hundred homes in the village of Bambalang, Cameroon, were burned by a neighboring village. But hearing Scripture in their own language has brought comfort and forgiveness. Alex lived near and often visited Bambalang while he lived in Cameroon.

We long to see people flourishing in community using the languages they value most. We want to see thriving in their spiritual lives as a result of knowing Christ and thriving in their societal lives because of effective literacy and education.

I believe this is why God has inspires us to advocate for the 20% of the global population who are pushed to the edges of society because of the languages they speak. God has positioned our staff to work alongside people in these language communities all over the world. I believe this is why God has put us into an organization that is applying its expertise to advance meaningful community development, education, and engagement with Scripture in over 90 countries and communities of people who speak more than 1,500 languages right now.

The results are clear. Over 690 language communities are accessing the complete Bible in their languages. Over 1550 language communities have the full New Testament in their language. And work is underway in over 2,700 other language communities. Our language ministries unlock new opportunities each year for people to engage with Scripture, learn to read, and go to school using the languages that mean the most to them.