Oh! The Places We'll Go

First met in Cameroon

We arrived in Cameroon within weeks of each other and met in our orientation class. Megan came to Cameroon to teach missionary kids, and Alex came to give technology support for Wycliffe.

August 2010

Alex finished college

He returned to Dartmouth after Cameroon to finish his degree in computer science. Afterward, he moved to Maryland to fulfill his scholarship contract.

June 2012

Megan began literacy training

Having learned more about how crucial literacy is for people to access translated Scripture in Cameroon, she decided to help children to read so that they can read the Bible. To train for her new position, she enrolled at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, TX.

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January 2013


We saw each other again for the first time since Cameroon—that's two years!—while Alex was visiting his family in Dallas. As we considered dating, we quickly saw God's shared vision for us.

Summer 2013

Just Married!

July 2014

Alex joined Wycliffe

Knowing his skills in software design would help to speed Bible translation, Alex applied to Wycliffe. The application process took several months, but Megan was excited at Alex's acceptance.

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April 2015


Took the required basic training with explanations about Wycliffe and preparation to communicate about our Wycliffe ministry.

June 2015

Perfect fit

After months of research and networking, we found great jobs for both of us in Nairobi, Kenya. Megan plans to serve as a Language and Education Consultant, and Alex as a Language Technology Consultant.

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September 2015

Budget fulfilled

We need 100% of our budget before we can make travel arrangements and buy plane tickets. The more people join our team, the sooner this day will come!

sustaining pledges 101%
launch pledges 57% Need

Depends On You!
Goal: December 2016

Fly to Kenya

January 2017