Megan and Alex arrived in Cameroon's capital at the same time in September 2010. She taught Spanish and math at the international school. He supported the missionary community by fixing computers. They became good friends while Alex was in Yaoundé, but two months after their arrival he moved to a town eight hours away, and they mostly lost touch after Alex returned to New Hampshire. When Megan finished her two-year commitment in Cameroon, she moved to Dallas to study literacy at the Graduate Institute of Linguistics. Alex grew up there, so they reconnected in June of 2013 when he came to visit his family. Come July, Megan attended a Virginia wedding that brought her back into proximity to Alex, this time in Maryland. It came out that both really enjoyed spending time together, so they began to “explore the possibility” of a relationship—which quickly descended into outright marathon Skype dates. Within days, they were planning trips to Dallas or Detroit each month. It was too obvious that they were right for each other to resist. They're excited to have a common vision for future ministry and lives that asymptotically approach each other with Christ.

Nota bene for math nerds: Graph f(x) = |x^-1|, where x=0 is absolute Christ-likeness.